Founder & President Message

Dear Friend,

For the last century cancer a Malignant neoplastic disease started to be a major cause of death in this industrialized universe it is the biggest killer after cardiovascular diseases but one of the most preventable non-communicable chronic disease .

Nearly 40% of all the cancer deaths in India can be avoided by reducing tobacco use and alcohol consumption.

Capt.  Ratan Singh Deora, Retired Indian Defence Forces served in Indian Army for 32 years we can fight against terrorism at borders but the real battle that we need to win is against tobacco which is far won. After working for the society on border now I look forward to devoting my life towards fighting and creating awareness among the people regarding cancer.

We as a organization aim at saving lives by early detection through our monthly medical camps. Cause human price is not the only loss caused by cancer but the insufferable economic and emotional burden on the families.

Come join us and be a part of this fight against cancer your little help can save someone.

Capt Ratan singh Deora

Founder & President

Asian Head Neck cancer Foundation

Capt. Ratan Singh Deora

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