Self-Inspection = Cancer Prevention

Oral Cancer Self Screening
is a simple procedure
Can be done by anyone
At home, at any time.

In India, around 77,000 new cases and 52,000 deaths are reported annually, which is approximately one-fourth of global incidences .The increasing cases of oral cancer are the most important concern for community health as it is one of the common types of cancers in India.

Tobacco consumption has been the predominant factor causing oral cancer. The continual use of tobacco in various forms such as gutka, zarda, mawa, kharra, khaini, cigarettes, bidi, hookah, etc. is a major cause of tumor development in the oral cavity in both young as well as the adult Indian population.

Why it is important? Information

Oral Cancer Self Screening shows public what to look for symptoms of oral cancer and how to find help after screening.

Oral cancer self-screening will allow oral cancer to be caught in the earliest stage. Diagnosed in the earliest stage can save your life and reduce the cost of the treatment dramatically.

The people are using tobacco or tobacco related products are in highest risk category to get oral cancer , they should do self-screening once in a month without fail.

Procedure of Self Screening

2 minutes can save your life

This is the process of examining your own mouth to check any signs of pre cancer or oral caner
Following things will be required while Oral Cancer Self Screening


Good light source

Washed hands

Steps for Oral Cancer Self-Screening

Once in a month self-screening can save your life!

Wash your hands and have a good source of light

Remove any denture or appliance and check the underlying parts

Follow these steps

Self Screening process

Step 1



Look at your face for any swelling or expansion

Step 2


self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer

Move your fingers under your jaw. Is there any swelling or lumps !! Everything is same on both sides or not.

Step 3

Lips and gums

self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer
self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer

Examine the external surface of your lips, pull upper lip upwards and lower lip downwards.

Step 4


self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer

Pull your left and right cheeks away, one side at a time, with help of your finger.
Use your finger inside your cheeks one by one.

Step 5


self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer

Pull out your tongue and look at one side first and then the other side.
Examine underside of tongue by lifting the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Step 6

Floor of Mouth


Lift your tongue upwards and look under the tongue then at the floor of the mouth.
Gently put your finger along the floor of your mouth.

Step 7

Roof of Mouth


Open mouth wide and check the roof of your mouth.


Please fill up following questions.

1) Do you feel difficulty while opening your mouth?


Yes no

2) How much mouth opening can you do?


1 finger 2 fingers
3 fingers 4 fingers

3) Do you feel swelling or lumps in your neck?


Yes no

4) Do you have red or white patch in your mouth?

self-screening-oral-cancer self-screening-oral-cancer

Yes no

5) Do you have ulcer that is not healing even after 15 days?


Yes no

6) Do you feel any change in your voice?


Yes no

7) Do you feel your teeth are suddenly moving without any reason?


Yes no

8) Do you burning sensation or pain while swallowing food?


Yes no

Your Details

What next?

If you find anything unusual in your mouth – don’t panic

Visit your nearest Dental professionals or Cancer surgeon for professional check-up and advice.

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